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Mindfulness Coaching Yoga Meditation





Mindfulness Coaching Yoga Meditation





Welcome and thank you for being here!  Trust that there’s a reason why you’ve landed on this page.  You don’t have to know what that reason is, but know -- there are no coincidences.

India Bee Yoga is a values-driven business, with many teachers currently serving the Boulder, CO and Phoenix, AZ communities.  We are a "mobile" yoga studio, and bring the yoga directly to you!  

Mission:  To share the tools of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness in order to raise collective consciousness. 

Values:  Health (physical, mental, spiritual), Relationships, Quality of Life

Vision:  Healthy and resilient people who contribute to a healthy and sustainable planet.

Offerings:  Retreats, Private Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Gong Meditations, Corporate Mindfulness, and Leadership Trainings

Join us!

2019 yoga retreat at xinalani eco-chic resort

What gets me really excited is our ability to begin to make larger shifts globally toward peace, equality, and justice for all, including our planet.
— India B.

yoga in the rainforest

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Giving Back:  India Bee Yoga offers twice monthly "Yoga in the Rainforest" classes at Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale, AZ.  Proceeds go toward environmental education, reforestation of rainforests, and to protect pollinators.  

Thank you for attending our Yoga in the Rainforest classes, in collaboration with Butterfly Wonderland and India Bee Yoga.

We have raised over US$10,000 for the Butterfly Wonderland Foundation which is helping to reforest tropical rainforest. 

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Check-in time is 5:15 p.m. and class begins promptly at 5:30 p.m.  Please B.Y.O.M. (bring your own mat).    

To reserve your spot for Yoga in the Rainforest, please register ahead of time on Eventbrite for "Yoga in the Rainforest" in Scottsdale, AZ.  All questions can be answered by calling (480) 800-3000 ext. 210.

In an effort to bee mindful of our environment, we ask that you bring a reusable water bottle, instead of plastic.  Thank you.

We look forward to seeing you amongst the butterflies soon!

Eventbrite - Yoga in the Rainforest

Scientific evidence has found that mindfulness increases resilience, and the more mindfulness meditation we practice, the more resilient our brains become.

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Initially I began yoga for strength training and to increase my flexibility. As I practiced yoga with India I gained a better understanding of the inclusiveness of both the body and mind. In the last few years I have been learning to live in the present, reduce stress, and appreciate my life. India has helped me connect my yoga practice to these goals and I have always felt comfortable working with her. Yoga has been a gift that has strengthened my body, further developed my awareness, and increased the serenity in my life.
— Angela Schwendiman, Ph.D
I have had the pleasure of having this amazing woman as my instructor in Yoga Teacher training, as well as attending her butterfly wonderland, yoga nidra, and hatha flow classes. She has amazing energy, a kind heart, and the honest intention of helping others reach their full potential in their yoga practice. If you have the chance to attend any of her sessions you will not be disappointed. You will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and more flexible not just in your body but in your life as well!
— Jasmine S.
I was lucky to have India as a yoga instructor during one of her classes at a women’s seminar. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about yoga and everything yoga entitles. Her teachings, instructions, and comments during the session were exceptional, very insightful, honest, and really motivational and spirit lifting. I really enjoyed her session and the relaxing time I had with her. I really liked the fact that she talked to every one of us before the session started to find out if any of us had any physical limitations…that was very considerate of her! I highly recommend India for any kind of event. She is great!
— Martha Ulberg
India is one of the best yoga instructors that I have ever experienced. She has an undeniable talent and is quite intuitive. Whether you are taking her Nidra or Hatha classes you will have a remarkable experience. She is a kind, bright, positive energy and addictive to be around. If you are contemplating taking a class from her I highly urge you to do so.
— Sarah Williams
I had the opportunity to participate in a peaceful and mindfully guided yoga session at the beautiful Butterfly Wonderland with India Bee. As a super busy, on-the-go, over-tired mom, India’s yoga session with the butterflies was magical and exactly what I needed. In fact, I LOVED it so much, I asked India if she would be willing to teach a private yoga session for my friends in celebration of my 40th birthday. She barely knew me, but was graciously willing to take her time to teach an extra class for my friends and me. It was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday. India is absolutely amazing.
— Ivonne Smith
India has guided me through a number of various yoga experiences over the years. I have always found her to be very welcoming, open, and focused on her students. She has a warm personality and an infectious laugh which also helps lighten up any yoga setting. Her Butterfly Wonderland class is an absolute must, amazing experience. And her yoga nidra classes are very peaceful and support her students in a very deep, meditative experience. I would highly recommend India and India Bee Yoga!
— Alyssa Samuelson
I have known India for a number of years and have been able to watch her grow in her faith of healing through yoga and meditation. Her spirit, love and confidence for what she does is very evident. She is professional, caring and willing to help you acclimate easily, into any new class she teaches. Whether you need one on one attention or a class setting, India is the girl to go to!
— Annette Garcia
India is a consummate professional who is able to create the perfect blend of creativity, personality and expertise. I hired India as an instructor for a Seminar focused on helping professional women find balance in their daily lives. She came up with the layout and executed it flawlessly. The feedback forms I received for the event ranked her at the top of the list for the different instructors. Hiring India means you hire the best at a great price!
— Gbemi Disu, MBA
India is brilliant, kind, warm, well-traveled, multi-lingual, fun, empathetic, a good listener..... I could go on... Each of these qualities come out in her yoga practice and you feel like you absorb a little bit of her each time you’re with her. She makes you a better person, and a more aligned one! After experiencing her yoga nidra class after going through a really tough professional situation, I literally felt the weight lifted off my heart and shoulders after one hour. I knew nothing about yoga nidra, and India asked me to give it a try when she heard what I was feeling. I trusted her, and will continue to trust her with my heart, head and spirit. Thank you for being you, India.
— Amy Scerra
I had the opportunity to be a part of one of India’s yoga classes in a group setting and I know her from our previous work together at an international business school. India has taken her love for yoga and blended her passion for making a difference with her understanding of the business environment. She understands the needs of busy professionals and makes alternative therapies like yoga accessible and applicable to real life. India is not only a true professional and responsible practitioner, she brings relaxation and depth to her yoga sessions. I would highly recommend India for any corporate events, private sessions, or as part of an executive education offering.
— Berkley Roberts, MBA
A friend of mine told me about the great yoga classes at the Sunnyslope Community Center. My job was horribly stressful at the time–I hadn’t slept through the night in two years–and I had developed high blood pressure. My doctor also recommended yoga. My yoga classes at the center got me through to retirement when I was able to decrease my blood pressure medication. Now my goal was to bring my BP to normal and develop confidence to start my new life as an artist.
Now that I’ve had a full year of yoga and I’ve been working with India, I’m able to give up BP medication and I’ve discovered more joy in my life. I’m able to face life’s problems calmly and creatively. Yoga Nidra with India especially helped keep me calm and grounded when my 25 year old son suddenly had to have open heart surgery It’s hard to explain how India’s classes have helped my body and my mind. Yoga has changed and enriched my life.
— Lillian Barker
Yoga Nidra with India is a powerful tool to expand one’s intentions. I continue to go back time after time to ground my intentions and what I’m looking to accomplish in my life. She is clear, knowledgable and a true gift.
— Judi Price
My experience with India Bee Yoga has included both private and group Yoga Nidra. The classes are simply transformative. India is hands down the best teacher to guide me through restorative meditation. Nidra is impactful for all, from novice to experienced and inactive to athletic, this practice focuses your energy. I take classes from India any chance I get because she is that good.
— Rhea Hernandez
India has led me through many practices. I am always lulled into relaxation by her soothing voice, and easy guidance into postures. Her classes at Butterfly Wonderland are amazing, but a private meditation and gong experience is life changing. Her knowledge of yoga, as well as her ability to hold space for individuals during life changes, makes her a fantastic teacher and life student. She is always eager to learn, in order to share with her students. I can not recommend her enough.
— Elicia Rodriguez
India assisted in my yoga teacher training program and was amazing. She’s the epitome of peace, light & love. She has such a sweet spirit and caring soul. So extremely helpful and full of so much knowledge. She’s a true healer, yoga instructor and her yoga nidra classes are AMAZING. Being in her presence is a true gift!!!
— Sandra Briseno
Her Butterfly Wonderland class is an absolute amazing experience. I was worried that having not taken a class in a long while I would feel out of place. Well India is so good at making everyone feel welcome and gives each of us the help we need that I can hardly wait to take another class. The butterflies landing all around you is an extra bonus. You have to take this class to see for yourself. I am from out of town and it’s on my list when I come back to Phoenix.
— Nancy Ruble