"If you're always trying to be normal, you'll never know how extraordinary you can be." - Maya Angelou


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India Borba-Benedetto founded India Bee Yoga with the mission to be of service through sharing the tools of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness in order to raise collective consciousness. 

India began teaching yoga in 2006, and launched India Bee Yoga in 2012.  Although she began on her own, she has expanded the hive with many teachers offering yoga, meditation, sound healing, and special events mostly in the Phoenix, AZ area.  India, herself, has re-located, teaching and hosting workshops and events in the Boulder, CO area.  

Giving back is a big part of India Bee Yoga's mission.  We currently demonstrate this commitment through our work and collaboration with Butterfly Wonderland Foundation - Yoga in the Rainforest and Wounded Warrior Project.   

With your support, our Yoga in the Rainforest classes

have raised over $10,000 for the Butterfly Wonderland Foundation.

Thank you!

Did you know?  Honeybees are responsible for more pollination than any other insect, which includes ants, beetles, butterflies and moths.

Did you know?  The Amazon Rainforest supplies 1/5 of the world's oxygen?  That's every fifth breath you take!

"Sharing meditation and yoga with others completely lights me up, and I consider it an honor for which I am continually grateful."

India B.

What Yoga means to us:  

This work is about healing and transformation first and foremost.  Yoga means Union and is an ancient science that uses the tools of movement, breath, and meditation as a pathway toward physical, mental/emotional, spiritual health and inner peace. 

These practices can bring more brightness to our lives.  They also invite us to have the courage and vulnerability to delve into the dark corners and crevices, if our intention is to truly gain greater self-awareness, for this is where we find the gems. 

Yoga asks us to become just as curious about our inner world as we are about the outer world.  When we observe our inner world, we're able to observe subtler and subtler sensations and energies as the mind becomes more concentrated and focused.  

Our body carries and holds so much wisdom, and the body never lies.  Yoga allows us to begin to tune in to these subtle messages that we are always receiving.  Everything is energy, and that energy contains valuable information. 

Are you listening?

Once we allow ourselves to receive whatever is there, we are better able to make choices to support what it is that we'd like to create more of in our lives, and/or what we may need to let go of.  This practice is about fully accepting what is, allowing ourselves to feel it all, while staying grounded and in the present moment so that we may choose our response rather than unconsciously react. 

What are you creating?

Books or yoga classes often give the impression that there are prerequisites for the study of yoga. We may be told that we should not smoke, or that we should be vegetarian, or that we should give away all our worldly goods. Such ways of behaving are admirable only if they originate within us — but not if they are imposed from outside... We begin where we are and how we are, and whatever happens, happens.
— T.K.V. Desikachar


India borba-Benedetto, E-RYT 500

India is in the process of unraveling lifetimes of conditioning to speak her truth out loud. She is fueled by yoga, yerba mate, the beauty of human connection, and a dash of magic. She takes refuge in the arms of mother nature and loses track of time while watching the buzzing of bees and seeing her reflection in the blooming flowers. India believes that in order for us to create shifts on a global scale towards peace, justice, and equality, we each need to begin with ourselves and allow that to ripple outward.


India first began teaching in 2006 because of her deep love for yoga, and feels it is a privilege to share this ancient science with others.  She studies and teaches the 8-limbed system, and approaches her own practice of yoga from a place of genuine curiosity.  Her background is rooted in international grass-roots community development and women's economic empowerment, which has inspired a deep desire to contribute, in a sustainable way, toward a healthy community and planet. 

From 2012-2016, India taught and assisted in 200-hour yoga teacher trainings at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ, which allowed her the unique opportunity to work closely with hundreds of students, and to experience and be a part of the transformation and healing that occurs when groups consciously gather together. India is a certified Yoga Nidra teacher, and enjoys incorporating the power of mantra and vibration into sessions.

She is the founder of India Bee Yoga and has created a Yoga Nidra meditation app called "Bee Mindful" in hopes that the practice of meditation and mindfulness can be more accessible to all. She believes that in order for us to create shifts on a global scale towards peace, justice, and equality, we each need to begin with ourselves and allow that to ripple outward.  This is why she comes to the mat, and she invites you to meet her there.  


2006 - ACE & AFAA Yoga & Group Fitness Certification - LA Fitness

2012 - 800 hour Yoga Therapy - Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

2012 - 40-hour Hatha Gong, Sound and Vibrational Healing Certification

2012 - 100 hour Yoga Nidra Certification (Amrit Method) with Kamini Desai

2013 - Yoga, Purpose, & Action with Off The Mat, Into The World®

2014 - Neurogenic Yoga Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) with Jennica Mills

2015 - Advanced Leadership Intensive Training with Off The Mat, Into The World®

2016 - Embody Love Movement Facilitator Training with Dr. Melody Moore

2017 - 30-hour Spirit Speak with Seane Corn

2017 - Voice of Change with Suzanne Sterling



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Jaclyn found Yoga 13 years ago and was amazed at the ways it impacted her mind and body. Having dealt with chronic illness and pain for the greater part of her life, she found relief and restoration within her yoga practice. Inspired to share this gift with others she started her Yoga Teacher Training at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and became a RYT200 hour instructor. With a "moving-meditation" focus in each of her classes, she hopes to bring peace of mind and gentle movement to each practitioner. 

Always the perpetual student, Jaclyn enrolled in a 800hour Yoga Therapy program earlier this year in the hopes of deepening her own Yoga practice and understanding. She is also a certified Yoga Nidra instructor and Reiki Master; she finds true JOY in sharing these gifts!


Alissa will

Alissa Will discovered that the practice of yoga and mediation helped her experience balance of mind and body regardless of the daily stresses she encountered.  This impact drove her to embark on the journey of sharing the life changing potential of yoga and meditation, helping others create space of mind, one breath at a time.  


Jamie sigmon

jamie sigmon .jpg

Jamie believes strongly that health is not just physical; our mind and soul require just as much love and attention as the body. She found her passion for fitness several years ago and loved how great her body felt, but found that it took the addition of a regular yoga practice to feel truly well and at peace. In 2016 Jamie took on the role of coach for group fitness classes, and began on her journey to become a yoga teacher at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Fueled by a desire to help others on their journey to holistic wellness, she has since gone on to become an RYT-500, with specialties in Yin, Prenatal, Yoga Nidra, and yoga for PTSD. In addition to teaching, Jamie is a Reiki Master, holistic nutrition specialist, and jewelry maker.


Elicia Rodriguez

Bio Coming Soon...

The Earth is what we all have in common.
— Wendell Berry

Photo taken at Dig It Urban Gardens and Nursery in Phoenix. They sell pollinator friendly plants. Protect our Pollinators!