Giving Back


As of July 24, 2017, Yoga in the Rainforest, in collaboration with Butterfly Wonderland and India Bee Yoga, has raised $7,500 for Butterfly Wonderland Foundation.  Great job yogis!  Thank you.


India Bee Yoga has partnered with Butterfly Wonderland, located in Scottsdale, AZ to offer an experience of "Yoga in the Rainforest." Classes are held inside the 10,000 sq ft. conservatory, (the largest in the country) with thousands of butterflies flying freely. Butterfly Wonderland's mission is:  "Creating an appreciation of nature through conservation and education of the butterflies and our rainforests.” 

Proceeds from our yoga classes go to the Butterfly Wonderland Foundation, which works to create an appreciation of nature through conservation and education of our pollinators, the environment, and deforestation of the rainforests.

Did you know that 1/5 of the oxygen we breathe comes from the Amazon Rainforest?  That's every 5th breath we take!

Classes are held every other Tuesday and Thursday, and dates can be found on Butterfly Wonderland's event calendar

To reserve your spot for Yoga in the Rainforest, please register ahead of time on Eventbrite for "Yoga in the Rainforest."  All questions can be answered by calling (480) 800-3000 ext. 210.  

BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat.)

"This beautiful, bounteous, life-giving planet we call Earth has given birth to each one of us, and each one of us carries the Earth within every cell of our body." - Thich Nhat Hanh

The mission of India Bee Yoga is to share the tools of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness in order to raise collective consciousness.